Make the most of your pantry

Discover recipes, plan meals, reduce waste and spend less!

  • Your pantry first

    Lunchcraft is the first cooking app that keeps track of what's in your kitchen. Our recipe search engine will prioritize ingredients you already have, helping you reducing waste and unclutter your kitchen.

  • Hackable recipes

    Recipes are meant to be modified and adapted. We want to make this easy and let you keep a record of any modification so you can come up with the best version of a dish you can think of. You can also create recipes from scratch and share them with the world.

  • Rich and smart food data

    By indexing recipes and ingredients from several major cooking websites, we are building one of the biggest food database on the internet. Our goal is to enrich that data by offering nutrional values of ingredients, common substitutions and more.

  • Social from the ground up

    Share your pantry or shopping lists with your close ones, learn about your friends favorite dishes or plan meals for small or large groups: a cooking tool should not be limited to a single user.

Access the prototype

If you have been given an invitation to use the prototype, you can register and start using the app right away!